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We are a leading importer, official distributor and certified installers of paint protection films, kits and accessories.
When it comes to auto protection, we are the experts in paint protection films. We stock a wide range of top quality products that have been developed specifically for the automotive protection industry.

Fully insured and certified installers for a range of protection films, Paint Protection Services is a New Zealand owned and operated business and a name you can trust.

Protect your car without altering its colour, look or finish

Remember that new car feeling? The flawless finish of the paintwork made you determined to wash it weekly, and never with the dishwashing liquid like you did before. Then there is the car park … you choose the remotest spot to avoid trolleys and other car doors. Sound familiar? But you can’t keep it up forever.

Sooner or later the paint will lose its lustre and perfect finish. Stone chips will appear and everyday wear and tear will have its impact on the finish of your car’s exterior. It is inevitable, the more you drive your car the more it will happen. Sure, you can get this damage touched up but you’d have to visit the panel beater monthly to keep the car looking showroom quality.

What if there was a way to protect your car without altering its colour, look or finish?
Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a long-lasting, virtually invisible film that is moulded to your car’s surfaces. It seals in the existing paintwork and enhances it with an additional level of gloss whilst adding a self-healing clear coat that is scratch resistant and extremely durable.

To ease any worries about applying something permanent to your car you can be confident that Paint Protection Film is 100% removable from factory paintwork without any effect.
Self-healing technology within Paint Protection Film is the ability for the Film’s topcoat layer to mend itself when washing marks, swirls or light scratches are introduced to the surface of the film. Roughly 0.5 mm thick, the topcoat heals over time with exposure to heat from the sun or can be accelerated by introducing hot water or heat from a hairdryer, the scratches literally disappear.

At Protect we have a database of thousands of cars enabling us to precision laser cut the Paint Protection Film to fit your vehicle perfectly. Paint Protection Film is typically applied to the most vulnerable areas of your car such as the Bonnet, bumper, mirrors, headlights and handle cups.

So, Paint Protection Film is invisible to the naked eye, protects your car from everyday wear and tear, adds gloss and shine while remaining easy to clean and is virtually maintenance free. It sounds like science fiction but it is next-generation technology and is available today from PROTECT.

At PROTECT we use PremiumShield , 3M and STEK films. 3M and Premiumshield are offered with a 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty while STEK is offered with a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Stone Chip Protection Packages

The Toughest Chip Protection On The Market!

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If you enjoy learning, working hard when it matters, and are passionate about all things automotive then contact the team at Protect Auto Paint Protection.

Our team of specialists can provide you with expert training in the application of vehicle wrap, window tinting and professional vehicle detailing services.

Plus we offer advice on aspects of owning and operating a vehicle wrap business. If this sound like you then please get in touch to discuss this exciting business opportunity!