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Protect Auto Paint Protection

Paint Protection & Car Detailing Specialists

Welcome to Protect Auto Paint Protection, New Zealand's premier paint protection and vehicle detailing centre.  Our range of services helps to preserve and enhance your car’s value and condition in turn, helping you to protect your investment!

Our Certified Installers 

Achieve Spectacular Results…Everytime!

Whether its a full wrap, partial wrap or car detailing, we take pride in every installation and auto service that we complete, offering clients a level of workmanship that far exceeds expectations both in service quality and aftercare. Using a range of top products our certified installers achieve spectacular results…every time


We are leading importers, official distributors and licensed installers of paint protection films, kits and accessories


Expertly applied fashion effect film,  can transform ordinary into extraordinary. Matte, Gloss, Prism & Carbon Fibre options available


With a wide range of car detailing treatments, we transform the appearance of your vehicle’s interior and exterior.


Increase your vehicles resale value and keep your vehicle looking good for longer with UltimateShield ceramic coating.


Create a stunning, unique personalized look for your vehicle, our vehicle wrap has a variety of finishes, textures and colors to choose from.


Protect headlights and ensure that you can see and be seen clearly. Headlights should always be clean and bright.


Window tint protection film provides maximum heat rejection and 99% UV protection for both you and your vehicle’s interior.


Headlight tint and protection film can change the colour of the headlight and offers optimal protection for your vehicle’s headlights

Fully Registered & Insured

Certified installers of:

  • 3M
  • STEK
  • PremiumShield
  • UltimateShield

Vehicle Wrapping Opportunities Available...

If you enjoy learning, working hard when it matters, and are passionate about all things automotive then contact the team at Protect Auto Paint Protection.

Our team of specialists can provide you with expert training in the application of vehicle wrap, window tinting and professional vehicle detailing services.

Plus we offer advice on aspects of owning and operating a vehicle wrap business. If this sound like you then please get in touch to discuss this exciting business opportunity!