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Headlight Protection and Restoration

Headlights…See & Be Seen!

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Tint Protection

Clean & Bright Headlights…See & Be Seen!

Over time headlights can dull, become less efficient and prevent you from spotting potential road hazards.

To ensure you can see and be seen clearly, your headlights should be clean and bright at all times.

Benefits of Headlight Restoration 

removes oxidation
 ‌smooths out scratches
‌ polishes the surface

Plus it adds a clear coat to help protect the headlight from further yellowing!

Headlight Tint & Protection

DYNOshade & DYNOsmoke Protection Film

DYNOshade and DYNOsmokelight protection films(LPF) are coloured thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films with a special top coat on the surface.

The headlight protection film changes the colour of the headlight from white to tint, smoke or  yellow shades and offers optimal protection for the headlights against:

  • watermarks
  • insects
  • bird droppings
  • road oils
  • yellowing caused by smoke and pollution

The protection film has excellent shock-proof properties that the headlights against chipping, scratches and car wash brushes. Plus the DYNOshade and DYNOsmoke have the ability to quickly self-heal tiny scratches.

Headlight Tint Protection

Vehicle Wrapping Opportunities Available...

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